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"Embrace the Day" Debut Single Official Release July 3, 2018

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While a crowdfunding project is in the works to help finish funding the full CD project, I am beyond excited to announce the upcoming release of my DEBUT SINGLE - “Embrace the Day” - a song that needs no explanation - we’ve just got to do it, right? 

Embrace every second of every day we have, with the people we have, the love and the pain, the joy and sorrow, and “try and find a way to make it shine.”  

"Embrace the Day"- SINGLE RELEASE!

"Embrace the Day"- SINGLE RELEASE!

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Seth Raddatz in the Studio at Painted Recordings

Embracing the Day...

Living and working in Door County year-round has offered a multitude of ups and downs. From the too-busy to-do-anything-but-work of Summer to the quiet-peace-and-solitude of Winter, I’ve tried to make the best of every moment: writing and playing music, spending as much time with family as possible - including fishing with Pops, and this year - getting into the studio at Painted Recordings with Marcus Trana, to record my first album of all original songs. 

Crowdfunding the Album...

Stay tuned for more information about my crowdfunding project, and please do join my email list, both for the FREE SONG, and to hear about my upcoming CD Release, concerts, gigs, EMBRACE THE DAY merchandise and more!